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Performance & Recovery

Swing, Throw, Hit, Punch, Kick, Jump, Ride, Run, Tackle, Bounce, Walk……RECOVER

You are participating in Dynamic forms of exercise, so why aren’t you using a Dynamic form of Insole? We are constantly in search of how to compete or just have fun with the athletic activity we are involved with. Whether it be a relaxing walk during a game of golf, moving across some type of sports court, or racing in an endurance type of event, we want to be at our highest PERFORMANCE level. There is not a single athletic activity today that without preparation are we able to perform at our best.

We are constantly training in all forms and fashions. Inside health clubs, outdoors in parks or at specific venues that are suited to the desired activity in order to perform at our best.

With everything we are doing to prepare ourselves, we are forgetting about the critical aspect of RECOVERY. It is how well we recover that allows us to start the cycle of preparation all over again. All of us can recall doing an exercise for the first time, and the agony our muscles went through those several days afterward.

In order to reduce the pain and get right back to repeating the exercise again, we massaged those muscles, rubbed ligaments on them, maybe hot and cold packs, bubbling hot tubs, we did as much as we could to RECOVER from that new pain. The more rapid the RECOVERY, the greater the level of PERFORMANCE.

AirFeet SPORT are DYNAMIC in design and engineered for the Balanced Athlete, providing you with a massive dose of therapeutic muscle and circulatory stimulation from your lower back, through your legs and into your feet. You have approximately 20 muscles in each foot and they remain dormant all day. Even during each athletic activity. AirFeet SPORT now provide that critical stimulation to your feet and muscles that every other active muscle is naturally getting.

You shop for the best technology and products, you train and use the best equipment, you most likely even wear the best sports wear, yet you buy the same old “static and undesirable” insoles. Seriously!

And you ask yourself “why don’t I feel or perform any better?”

The definition of INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result (Einstein)

So do something DIFFERENT!

laboratory tested to ASTM F1614 for shock attenuation





Reducing Risk

There is a direct connection between how we feel on our feet and how we focus on our job. Distractions due to pain, fatigue and exhaustion become a high risk for accidents. By eliminating or even reducing pain and fatigue, we can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. The result, happier employees, less days off, reduced claims and a higher efficiency work force. Our ergonomic AirFeet Insoles have the ability to reduce and often eliminate back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.

Whether you are standing at a work center, walking miles in a warehouse or crunching out heavy industry steps, the pain and fatigue relieving solution MUST be against the surface of the foot.

Dynamically engineered with multiple patents and a technology driven design focusing on Balance, Muscle Therapy and Circulatory Stimulation. The Active Gel Technology sensation under the foot is so radically different that first time customers have called it “weird”. In fact, we loved that description so much we decided to promote “It’s the best weird you’ll ever feel!” A true sentiment and hallmark of our innovation.

The common mindset amongst those who are tasked with reducing fatigue and ergonomic related accidents within the workplace, is to introduce some form of a rubber ergo mat at work stations. Although they may feel nice and cushy, the problem is they are Static in design and are “under” the shoe!

If we are dealing with Sore Feet, Fatigued Legs, Painful Joints and Lower Back, how can something that is not directly touching our body possibly do us any good?

As the day wears on, Rubber mats become a safety hazard due to the raised edges causing the foot to trip.

If supposedly you have solved the problem with getting new Shoes how come the same problems aren’t going away?!

Promoting Wellness

Numerous studies exist on the web that describe in depth, the detrimental effects of standing and working all day on your feet. Especially on hard surfaces like concrete and tile.

American International College Study:

Painful, tired feet have a disruptive effect on a demanding workday:

– The long-term effects can accelerate joint pain and lower back claims with negative influences on productivity

– Employees who are required to stand on concrete or hard surfaces are anxious for a pain reducing solution that is also cost effective.:

  • ESD (Electrostatic Dissipation) Certified and Compliant to ASTM F2412 & ASTM F2413  (AirFeet ESD)
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-3-2006 (Calibration Laboratories and Measuring Equipment)




“The anatomical and physiological design work to create a massaging flow over the foot increasing oxygenation, venous return, lymphatic flow and reducing physical fatigue”  Dr Rob Schroeder.

Multi-patented AirFeet® Therapeutic Insoles work by stimulating the muscles under the foot and promoting circulation deep into the toes – critical to those living and coping with Diabetic Neuropathy. This increase in circulation provides a natural healing approach while soothing damaged nerves and stimulating muscles. Life-enhancing results can occur in just a few days. AirFeet DIABETES Insoles are actually the first ever insole to have had an editorial written in Diabetes Health Magazine.

Plantar Fasciitis requires constant massaging under the foot. Joint Pain is less painful if the pounding of each step can be reduced. Circulation is critical to transporting nutrients within our body. Flat Feet can be painful so a gentle approach to lifting and soothing the muscles is far more inviting,  These are just a few of the reasons we created AirFeet® Therapeutic Insoles.

AirFeet’s DYNAMIC technology-driven design focuses on Balance, Muscle Therapy and Circulatory Stimulation. Patients who use AirFeet Insoles report impressive improvements in comfort and pain management.

AirFeet success with combatting Plantar Fasciitis is astonishing. The natural dynamic action equates to a constant massage under the foot. This means you receive therapeutic relief every time you walk or even shift your balance.

AirFeet® assist with Joint Pain by helping to reduce the impact of each step. Instead of trying to expend the impacting energy out of the shoe, it is dispersed with our DYNAMIC technology from the heel to the ball of the foot and back, in micro-seconds. For individuals recovering from some type of lower body injury, Circulation is a critical component of that heeling process. An inflamed knee, sore ankle, painful lower back or legs, the greater the circulation the more improved the recovery.

Flat Feet is a prime focus for AirFeet® Therapeutic Insoles. We gently lift, but more importantly massage those foot muscles providing a soothing sense of relief to the discomfort you feel.

The DYNAMIC AirFeet designs use an Active Gel Technology™. Targeting not only foot related issues, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

The Active Gel Technology™ enables the insole to absorb the impacting energy from a heel, and then move rapidly across the arch ready to absorb the force of the impacting ball of the foot.

AirFeet – DYNAMIC products for DYNAMIC results. We don’t claim to be a miracle cure, we just believe in common sense thinking.




You are faced daily with decisions that start in the closet with “what shoes will hurt the least today?” or “How much discomfort will I be in today?”

An Innovative and DYNAMIC Insole – “We didn’t invent in-soles…we just perfected them!”

AirFeet® CLASSIC have been successfully designed, engineered and patented to focus on COMFORT and RELIEF. Providing Balance, Support and Therapeutic Muscle Stimulation are now accomplished through a super-thin and comforting design.

Old technologies remain boringly stationary doing exactly what the shoe does – cradling the foot. We have recognized that existing products are based on an uninteresting and uninviting STATIC design.

The DYNAMIC AirFeet designs use an Active Gel Technology™. Targeting not only foot related issues, but also ankle, knee, hip and lower back, and some major health ailments.

Whether you Stand, Walk or Play, AirFeet® CLASSIC are a life changing, revolutionary product.Through our Doctor recommendations, 1,000’s of testimonials, and Industry Data we recognize we have without a doubt redefined the insole world.

The Active Gel Technology™ enables the insole to absorb the impacting energy from a heel, and then move rapidly across the arch ready to absorb the force of the impacting ball of the foot.

Individuals now have a life changing footwear insole that induces increased circulation to the feet and toes. Simply sit or stand, and rock your heel to toe and experience the wonderful feeling under your feet.

The sensation is so radically different that first time customers have often called it “WEIRD”.

In fact, we loved that description so much we now promote it’s “the best weird you’ll ever feel!” This sentiment is a hallmark of true innovation.

laboratory tested to ASTM F1614 for shock attenuation